A while ago we promised that something football-related would appear in the wake of the FIFA World Cup. So we are proud to present you with Baccer, a Legendary football-style planet.

It will not be just floating around in space though. This beauty will go to the winner of our new contest.


Imagine it is the year 2100. Interstellar travel has been possible for a while now and humankind’s space settlement has been going at full steam. Hundreds of planets have already been colonized. Vigorous health is the number one requirement for space colonists to be able to succeed in accomplishing their space missions. And what better way to stay healthy than to play sports.

So imagine if football existed in 2100, what would it look like? Or if it didn’t exist, would there be another sports game as exciting as football?

Use your imagination and write an original brief story. The winner (the best story) will get this amazing planet.


  1. Have a registered 0xUniverse game account and wallet address.
  2. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Create your story.
  4. Share your story either on Facebook OR on Twitter. See the paragraph below.

If you prefer Facebook, share the event post on your page and add the story you invented when sharing.
If you prefer Twitter, retweet the event post and add your story to the retweet.
Do not post both on Facebook and Twitter: choose the one social media that suits you best.
Also, when sharing that post with your story on Facebook, make it a public share. Facebook does NOT show who shares posts if it’s done with the privacy setting of “Friends”. Non-public shares can’t be tracked and therefore accepted.


To win the contest you should complete all the steps described in “HOW TO ENTER”. Our developer team will choose the 5 best stories submitted. Afterwards a public vote will be held for everyone to be able to participate and choose the winning story out of these five.


The contest will be held from August 1 till August 8, 2018 (ending at 21:00 GMT). The winner will be, as was mentioned above, determined in a public vote, which will be held after the contest ends.