This snowy time of year is here!

Our team wants our great community to have an incredibly happy Xmas season! Which is why we are launching our special 0xGames Christmas Giveaway.

We will hold this contest until the end of December 25 and reward the participants with 0xUniverse and 0xWarriors assets. If you want to take part, follow the steps at our giveaway page.

Contest details:

  • We will accept your submissions (planet renaming transactions) until the end of December 13. After that, we’ll select a shortlist and will let you decide on the TOP 10 planet names: a poll will be held until December 25.
  • The best planet name will bring its author the grand prize: a unique Christmas Legendary Planet. There will also be 9 epic planets that we’ll give to the other 9 creative minds.
  • Besides, we will randomly pick 10 giveaway participants and gift them a 0xWarriors reinforced chest each! Note: to receive the chests you will need an EOS account.

Well, there it is. We hope you will have a merry holiday season! And we promise to do our best to make it even better.