It is with great pleasure that we’re announcing the support for the NEO blockchain that will come along in the near future! Currently the plans are to integrate the new chain into two of our projects: 0xWarriors and 0xRacers.

A lot of you may know NEO as the blockchain platform powered by the NEO cryptocurrency. It has gained wide popularity in Asia, especially in China. NEO developers have been investing quite a lot of resources into making development tools. Take NEO3, for one, which is supposed to decrease the amount of code required. Another example is improvements for development environments such as .NET. Moreover, the NEO team introduced earlier this year a $100 million initiative to fund DApp development and blockchain games. If you want to learn more about the blockchain, feel free to read this comprehensive interview.

Both our projects will be some of the first NEO-based games in the Apple and Google store. And, mind you, we’ll integrate NEO with the help of the Arkane Wallet that our communities are already familiar with.

We’d like to emphasize that our team supports the principles of making blockchain games more accessible for mass adoption. Both NEO and Arkane share these principles, and that is why we’ll be looking forward to getting feedback from users once our integration is complete!

So while we are on our way to start supporting NEO we encourage every DApp fan to join discussions in our 0xRacers discord chat or our 0xWarriors community.

Great things are coming. Stay tuned!