A major update of 0xUniverse came out today. What’s new:

  • Energy staking in the search and maintenance of Artifacts
  • Artifact management (gift, buy, sale, rent)
  • 0XE on the Matic network (Polygon)

A new update made it possible to stake Energy mined from Planets to find Artifacts – a new kind of valuable NFT. New DeFi game mechanics allow our players to earn even more while enjoying the Universe exploration. Now let’s talk more about artifacts.

A new galaxy Novel, was recently discovered. An artifact with unusual properties was found on one of the first colonized planets. After careful examination, it was returned to the finder. Since then, the hunt for powerful objects from the past and thorough research of them began. To further investigate the phenomenon of artifacts, the United Earth Government organized a special committee.

From a blockchain perspective, an artifact is an NFT that is stored on the Matic network. You can perform the same actions with it as with the planets – store, transfer, buy and sell.

The Artifacts Committee is engaged in their search, study and storage. First of all, they lobbied the adoption of the law “About Artifacts Sharing”. Based on the fact that the power of artifacts is so great that they cannot be in the same hands, it was legislatively approved that the right of ownership of the artifact will be retained by the person who found it, but despite this, any discoverer will be able to take advantage of the unique properties of artifacts by paying rent to its owner.

Artifact Rent

Any discoverer can rent the artifact for 20 days at a base price of 10 MATIC. However, without waiting for the completion of the rental period, another discoverer will be able to outbid the rent by paying 2 times more. In this case, the previous tenant will receive 75% of this amount as compensation (1.5 times more than he paid).


John rented the artifact for a base price of 10 MATIC. 20% of this amount will be received by the artifact owner, the remaining 80% will be kept in the fund and later divided between the UEG (30%) and proportionally between the drone owners (70%).

In a couple of days Bob decides to outbid the rent from John and pays 20 MATIC. First of all, John will be compensated for the loss of the rent by receiving 75% of this amount. The remaining 25% will be similarly divided between the artifact owner, the UEG, and the drone owners.

After 20 days, Bob’s rent will end and the other player will be able to use the artifact for the base price.

Search for New Artifacts

The Artifact Committee invited all discoverers to take part in the search for new artifacts. To do this, it is needed to provide the amount of energy equals the desired number of search drones. Later, drones can be turned off and energy returned, but not earlier than 10 days after the last activation. The more drones, the higher the chance of finding the next Artifact.

In addition to searching for new ones, drones are involved in the maintenance of already found artifacts, monitor their safety and transportation to tenants. Therefore, drone owners will profit from the renting of artifacts. Profit distribution occurs daily if more than 1000 MATIC have been accumulated. 30% goes to the United Earth Government, and 70% are proportionally distributed among the drone owners.

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