We regret to inform that gamedev studio 0xGames will be closing its doors today.

As you remember, we previously described the difficulties we faced in 2020 (please take a moment to review if you haven’t already). Despite our best efforts since that time, unfortunately we have been unable to find a way to save the company. After two years, we are forced to admit that it is no longer possible to revive 0xGames. We are grateful for this journey and would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the support we received.

In order to ensure that our projects, including 0xUniverse, 0xWarriors, 0xRacers, 0xBattleships, and 0xFramework, are not lost with the company, 0xGames transferred all intellectual rights to the team personally. We give our word that we will do everything possible to revive our games if the opportunity arises.

We kept our promise to continue supporting the games throughout this period, and we were even able to release a few updates for 0xUniverse. However, now we see that the players do not show significant interest in 0xWarriors and 0xRacers, so we have made the decision to close down the servers for these games. 0xUniverse, on the other hand, is still loved, and the team have decided to keep the project up and running.

In conclusion, with heavy hearts, we say goodbye to 0xGames. It was incredibly interesting, together with the whole industry, to explore all those new things that appeared in connecting games and blockchain tech. We want to express our gratitude to our loyal players who supported us throughout this journey. Thank you again for your support and farewell.

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