Dear community, we have achieved another huge milestone: our new major 0xUniverse update – v. 1.9 – is finally rocking the galaxy!

Our team apologizes for keeping you waiting: we had to completely overhaul the game architecture so that we could support our mobile version.

First of all, welcome the planet leasing feature! The way it works is: a planet’s owner sets the price that he’s willing to sell his planet’s colonists for. For instance, the owner sets 0.02 ETH as the price for 100 colonists. After that, other space explorers will be able to launch spaceships from this planet by paying to the owner for the colonists provided. Say, you need a 250 strong crew for your ship. That means you should pay 0.05 ETH (250 / 100 * 0.02) for the owner’s colonists. The owner then gets the entire amount minus a 5% tax imposed by the United Earth Government. That would be 0.0475 ETH (0.05 * 95%).

Secondly, we have added planet naming. You can now give your planets any name you want after paying United Earth 0.01 ETH for that operation. There are but a few restrictions: the name should be shorter than 12 characters; you can’t change legendary planets’ names; you can’t use offensive language and create duplicate names of legendary planets. The United Earth Government is carefully keeping an eye out for any violation of these rules, and should any such violation occur, the Government will conceal inappropriate names from other explorers (the name will still remain on the blockchain). If you’ve found a planet name that offends you and the Government has overlooked it, let us know at

Apart from these two, you are now able to sort planets by population. A much-anticipated feature, we must say. Also, our Discord now has two subchannels where players will see messages about successful ‘buy and sell deals’ as well as about new planets found. Besides, the planets list now displays the amount of resources planets have accumulated. Do have a look at the new main menu design, it has been updated. Another great news for space veterans: the copy-paste issue has been fixed for Windows and Mac, except for Mozilla, this is what we’re still working on.

We hope you will enjoy the new update!