There are a lot of players out there who have a veritable fondness for cheap blockchain transactions. We are no different if truth be told. That is why our team is glad to be announcing that we have partnered up with the WAX Blockchain.

So are you ready, ferocious warriors and avid racers? Both our 0xWarriors and 0xRacers games are now officially on WAX!

We expect this partnership to help us promote cross-chain interaction and get a bigger player base (we all want to have a huge in-game competition, don’t we?). From now on you can buy, sell, and trade WAX items within the arena battler and racing manager alike. Especially since there is a time-limited discount deal in place! Yes, you heard us right: 50% off until March 4th.

What is it that we like about WAX so much that we’ve decided to support it? Well, it has great benefits. The WAX Blockchain was purpose-built for video games. As a DPoS chain it offers fast and free transactions, combined with a service layer that makes it easy for everyday gamers to play blockchain games. It does also have very active block producers, free or very cheap accounts and an increasing number of real-world companies choosing WAX due to its considerable user base. Speaking of free stuff, if you hurry up you will get a chance to register a WAX account free of charge here or here!

register wax

As always don’t hesitate to join our friendly 0xWarriors and 0xRacers discord communities to learn more! Or check out the amazing WAX community if you should have any questions.