We are glad to announce that the work on the development of 0xUniverse is nearing its end. All of its components are ready, we just need to conduct the final test. We invite everyone to participate in the third version beta testing! The rules remain the same:

Participation is limited to 1000, so hurry up!

Each of you who will let us know about the game bugs or write a review – will get one of the planets for free in release version. The rarity/value of the planet depends on the details and usefulness of your feedback. If suddenly you do not want to leave the planet to yourself, you can sell it to other players for $20-$4000. Send us your feedback via this form!

Before starting the game, we recommend reading this short tutorial (especially interested can learn the full rules of the game).

Game interface is heavy and its first loading takes some time. Please wait for 10-30 seconds and don’t leave browser’s tab until the loading is complete.

After registration you will receive 1 Ether on your wallet. You can use these funds to buy your first planets.

That’s all, now you are ready to play 0xUniverse! Good luck, Discoverers!