Today we are excited to propose our candidacy as an EOS block producer, 0xEOS.

Our team is building games on the EOSIO software (check out our 0xWarriors, for instance, which first came on EOS). We do believe that the EOS network is a great platform for DApps. We understand the inner workings of the gaming space. That is why we are confident that video games can become one of the major promotion channels for the distributed ledger tech to become a part of everyday life.

Having deep expertise in developing and scaling dApps and working with communities, our studio shares the same values and beliefs with the EOS community. The team of 0xEOS consists of a tech-savvy group of early adopters of cryptocurrencies and related technologies. As a BP, the goal of 0xEOS is to share all this knowledge and skills to benefit with the ecosystem that powers 0xGames.

0xEOS is committed to using all the BP rewards for developing and marketing more dApps that will enhance and enrich the EOS network. Fairness to community, open-source code and transparency are three pillars of the decentralized technology that 0xEOS team respects and follows.

The EOS platform is in its early days, yet it has a strong and loyal community and block producers that make the ecosystem better day-by-day. 0xEOS is developing features and seeking for solutions that will facilitate the adoption of dApps and upgrade the EOS network in general. We’re inviting everyone to expand the EOS universe together with us!

Meet 0xEOS at Twitter, Steemit, Reddit or Medium.

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