Some galaxy explorers may have joked before, whilst on discovery missions, that space is so vast that no social interaction could be possible. Well, we may just prove this theory wrong. With 0xUniverse‘s latest major Corporations update rolled out, joint efforts of our space adventurers will lead to greater achievements!

Yes, the much-awaited Corporations have arrived.

The new features indeed bring along a strong social aspect. Now it will be more about trustworthiness and strategy. You may think of corporations as joint stock companies of sort. But in a gaming intergalactic environment. We can’t help but brag that our ambitious community has put in place grand plans: players are already getting ready to take on the entire galaxy, given what the future updates (Wars of Corporations) will bring!

To give you a broad idea about the update (the full description is here), the United Earth Governement decided that space explorers’ joint efforts could lead to much better results in their galactic conquest and could pave the way for a more flexible space economy. So for the players willing to engage with the game on a deeper level, Earth had 4 corporations made. All of them were sold out fast for 50 ETH each. Following the sale, their proud new owners began to develop their organizations right away.

We won’t be telling you all the secrets here as we would like you to experience the new feature for yourself! Join now and build your own galactic empire!