DApps become more advanced whilst adding multiple blockchains, that is true. You know that making 0xWarriors a fully multichain experience has been our goal for a while now. Well, now the time has come. We’re glad to announce that our TRON presale for 0xWarriors has started. So we urge all of you, ax-wielders and shield-maidens, to make the shield wall and prepare for battle from January 24 to February 14.

It’s worthy of note that we’ve made some headway already: stepping into the mobile kingdom (0xWarriors is available on Google Play), joining the 100 million dollars Tron Arcade game fund…And now this. We are sure the presale will give you a lot of new opportunities. And it is our belief that linking TRON will help us grow as well as allow experienced gamers to stock up on more gear.

You may remember we ran our first presale on EOS. It was supported by major market players (Meet.One, EOS, Lumi Wallet, Token Pocket, DappRadar, Crypto Gamers Community and others), so we do hope that this presale will be as successful. As, you know, the TRON platform does boast great scalability, high speed (with a capacity to handle 2,000 transactions per second) and availability.

Some might say the DApp future isn’t so clear, what with all the turbulence in the crypto market in 2018. However, we believe that decentralized games have certainly been on the rise and are likely to become the driver behind mass adoption of the blockchain tech in the future.

Anyways, the battles await. Or, if you feel like having a nice chat, we invite you to join our friendly community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or Facebook.