We are glad to announce the start of our 0xWarriors beta testing!

This beta version allows players to test the majority of gameplay features. You will have the chance to choose and equip your warriors with weapons and armor. Besides, you will be able to create a squad of up to five warriors. You can then send these guys to fight against other players.

We’d like to highlight some things regarding the current state of beta. It has a simplified sign-in – you can now use your old login, but the password for your account will be your EOS account name. Scatter will be used for purchasing chests. Besides, the leveling-up system is still being fine-tuned and we will gladly accept any feedback you may have. Lastly, tournaments will be introduced at a later point.

We are welcoming everyone in our community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or Facebook! So do not hesitate to start playing and testing our beta!