Our team is gladly announcing another blockchain project we’ve been working so hard on – 0xWarriors!

Having successfully debuted 0xUniverse this June, now we are finally making it public that 0xWarriors is coming! The new title is a multiplayer game allowing players to fight each other, participate in weekly tournaments, collect items as well as trade them in a marketplace.

0xWarriors is the first EOS-powered title and one of the first multi blockchain-based games in the market. Once asked in an interview, our founder said, “We are launching the game on EOS first. Our team believes the technology has great advantages and is very flexible. Also, we are planning to connect Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the coming months”.

About the game

The new game is a web-based multiplayer battler, where players are tasked to manage a squad made up of five warriors. However, the number of squads a player can have is unlimited.

The game starts with players choosing and customizing warriors and forming a squad. After that, they may purchase chests containing items of different rarity. These can then be equipped by warriors. That makes them stronger and improves their combat performance. The game has an Arena where weekly public events will be held. There players will be fighting each other to have a chance to win different rewards. For instance, a share of the overall tournament revenue or chests with unique items that can be used or sold in the marketplace for a hefty sum.

0xWarriors has a competitive side to it and is skill-based. There are three warrior classes in the game: Warrior, Ranger or Mage. Players have to manage each warrior’s equipment according to their class. The position of each warrior on the battlefield, along with correctly allocated skill points, may give you a competitive edge. That can also get you special skills which can be earned with new levels.

How does the multi-blockchain part tie in with the game?

Imagine having one warrior equipped with a sword that is on the EOS blockchain while the shield is on Ethereum. The game seamlessly brings together people from different ecosystems. 0xWarriors has thousands of unique items to be discovered. And because each one is a digital collectible they can be sold on the market for a higher price. All in all, items fall into one of four categories: common, rare, epic or legendary. And players can expect frequent returns on the amount they originally paid, with most valuable items potentially fetching their owners over 10 thousand dollars.

Public presale

Keep in mind that the 0xWarriors presale campaign is set to begin on November 6! Also, the game is due to be released by the end of 2018. We’ll be sharing a detailed roadmap after the presale ends. Feel free to visit the game’s website and check out an amazing video we’ve made. Also, join our community on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Discord!