Today is a big day for our team. We are launching beta testing of 0xUniverse. Be the first one who joined us. It’s not just fun, but profitable! Below are some rules:

Participation is limited to 1000, so hurry up!

Each of you who will let us know about the game bugs or write a review – will get one of the planets for free after release. And it depends on your feedback how unique and valuable the planet can be. After all you can always sell your planet to other players (approx. price range $20-$4000 per planet). Leave us your feedback here!

We understand that we have to work hard to make this game awesome! Please be kind and patient and lets us know where we need to step up and fix issues. We can’t do it without your support!

First please read the rules of the game

Game interface is heavy and its first loading takes some time. Please wait for 10-30 seconds

That’s all. Now you can open the 0xUniverse! Good luck, Discoverers!