It is finally here. The mobile version of 0xUniverse is available now!

After months’ wait, our space strategy 0xUniverse can be played on mobile devices. That was long overdue but we pulled through after all. Players can use the Arkane wallet to play the game on mobile. You only need to register an account and import your MetaMask wallet or play with a new one. We’re eager to get feedback and invite everyone to check out 0xU on iOS or Android devices.

The other relevant good news is we’ll be trying to get the Lumi Collect wallet on board as well, as was mentioned in the past. And while we are polishing the mobile version, you might want to check out the updated roadmap for 0xUniverse as it has had an interesting element added (we won’t spoil it here).

Aside from that, if you’ve been wondering what new things have happened in the galaxy, we have something for you. Just recently we were finally able to fix the invention issue for ships. That allowed us, thanks to knowledge calculation now being done on the game server, to make it possible for players to invent ships 16, 17 and further on as well as decrease the gas amount needed for inventions. We’ve also improved auction filters: three new resource filters were added and a population size window was introduced.

Now our team is aiming to enhance the mobile experience and continue working on new features for 0xUniverse. Stay tuned and join our friendly Discord community where we’ll hold our next Q&A session on July 31!