We have to confess. There has been a lot of effort and time put into this. However, after all the anticipation and waiting, our next major 0xUniverse update is finally here. Let’s hear it for planetary buildings and energy!

Let’s sprinkle this with some details. What can you expect from the update?

From now on, you will be able to construct factories on your planets. These should help you a great deal in your space colonization. You will see several types of buildings displayed in the construction menu: factories, decorative buildings and transport stations. The latter two will be introduced at a later point in time. For now, it is factories only. These produce energy tokens from the planetary core.


Energy, you say, what is this?

Most importantly, you will need energy to erect buildings and construct battle fleets (this one is a future update). Also, you will be able to use it to boost your ships’ parameters.

Mind you, Energy tokens have two states in the game: Energy and 0xE, aka detokenized and tokenized (ERC-20). One of the next updates will see players using the energy market to trade energy. For the record, you can already perform 0xE-Energy exchange within the Profile menu!

Our team would like all space explorers to know that there is a limited energy sale going on right now. If you feel like getting in on the deal, Earth has a few energy tokens waiting for you.

As always, we are grateful to our community for all the feedback and help we have received during the pre-launch and release periods. We are continuously working to make the game a better experience. If you want to learn more about the update or the game in general, feel free to join our helpful Discord community.

Safe travels!