We promised, didn’t we? We promised a while ago that our racing manager 0xRacers would support NEO racing tracks. So we have delivered it.

It’s been a long wait. Our team is glad to confirm now that 0xRacers has fully integrated the new platform. It’s not just integrated though. It does also allow NEO gamers to enjoy a solid discount deal. So hurry up before it’s too late: the deal’s up for grabs until April 1st.

Here’s something we have to mention. Yuri Saveliev (0xRacers Lead Dev), Sergey Kopov (CEO) and the other hard-working guys on our team all agree on that. The integration should help bring in more cross-interplay and an increase in the overall player base. Why is that? Well, NEO players will be bound to get matched up against racers from the other chains!

Another noteworthy thing. As you may know, NEO is the blockchain platform powered by the NEO cryptocurrency. Its developers have been investing quite a lot in making development tools. Apart from that, the NEO team introduced, back in 2019, a $100 million initiative to fund DApp development and blockchain games.

Anyhow, we are excited to welcome all new players into the fold. Join our helpful community to find out more and leave your feedback!