It has been some time since major updates saw the light of day. Moreover, we’ve seen our community eagerly asking for more details about what’s coming. That’s why our team is glad to make two announcements.

First off, we have a great piece of news for our passionate 0xUniverse fans. The much-awaited Corporations update – the next major feature for the space strategy – is going to release in March.

Second news item. We’ve received requests from our supportive players to make a public roadmap for everyone to be aware of what’s coming. So, having compiled all the existing plans and some of the yet unannounced ones, our team has created a publicly available roadmap. We invite everyone to check our new Trello board out!

By the by, the 0xGames board contains players’ suggestions – a much-anticipated request – and any player can contact us in our chats to propose a suggestion to any of the projects.

Stay tuned for more updates and hop in on the Trello board!