While 0xUniverse and other 0xGames’ projects are getting ready for new updates, there is a big crypto festival – arranged by the DGaming platform – coming to the dapp market!

The DGaming team recently announced they would be upgrading their store platform to add special functionality allowing it to host NFT item sales via OpenSea. To celebrate the release, a 12-day event will be held starting from August 26th. And our 0xG team is pleased to announce that all our games will be taking part in the event!

Our own Festival Day is planned to take place on September 1st.

dgaming festival

Keep in mind, we’ve cooked up something special for our space strategy fans. Something that will (hopefully) drive any DGaming visitor crazy once they see it. Teasing aside now, 0xUniverse is creating a unique legendary planet for the upcoming sales festival. Alright, you’d say, but what will it look like? Well, this is a mystery, and we do encourage you to follow our social media to be the first one to know.

Gotcha, but how does the festival work?

It will take place over 12 consecutive days, with 12 days of sales and 12 days of giveaways. In order to participate, you will need to have Metamask installed and have some ETH in your wallets. Assets will be sold using either Dutch Auction or Fixed Prices. Mind you, the price will be fixed throughout the sale.

Sounds great! So what about those giveaways?

DGaming will have 12 days of giveaways, with unique and valuable items given to the most active participants. It is going to be based on a point-collection system. These points can be gained after completing certain actions throughout the sale. The top 3 participants, according to a special leaderboard, will win prizes for each period.

Together with the DGaming platform we, here at 0xGames, are hoping to make the best out of this great festival! If you are a crypto enthusiast and love our work, we invite you to join the event on September 1st where you’ll see our assets from 0xWarriors, 0xRacers and, of course, 0xUniverse with its hand-made exclusive legendary planet.

Let’s rock the space (pun intended)!