Our team is happy to announce the continuation of 0xUniverse – 0xUniverse: Battleships! The new game will see players exploring the same world, now as battleship engineers.

A new threat hangs over the galaxy. A mysterious cult of the Void God is growing in numbers, and its disciples seem to outdoing one another in villainy. The United Earth Government calls upon all skilled pilots and spaceship engineers to protect the peaceful inhabitants of the Galaxy. Players must find the source of this evil and prevent the dangerous cult from spreading.

Collecting and building skills will be the players’ main weapon. Constructing a powerful battleship will require a sturdy hull and various modules.

Players can invent new hulls through getting combat experience. To build and repair them they will need resources extracted on planets. Space engineers will be able to get the necessary resources by completing combat missions and fighting in tournaments. Besides, it will be possible for players to purchase the required resources from planet owners or buy planets and produce them. This is giving resources a new application thus increasing the value of owning 0xUniverse planets.

The most important part of the game, though, is battleship modules. They come in numerous types: lasers, torpedoes, force shields, physical armor, energy generators, engines, etc. Just have a look at Bulldog on the left. It is one of the simplest battleships in the game. Now compare it with the highly advanced and lethal Maximum on the right.

Spacecraft building is no mean feat, but with patience, anyone can master it. Here are some basic rules:

  1. Generators are the most vulnerable and flammable modules – if an enemy blows yours up, you can say goodbye to half your ship. That’s why they must be placed as deep inside as possible, and covered with extra armor modules.
  2. Generators should produce enough energy to keep all other modules well supplied. Therefore, the more weapons installed, the more generators required.
  3. Lasers are effective against energy shields but can hardly penetrate armor. Missiles are the bane of armor, but are weak against shields. Machine guns are more of a universal weapon with a short firing distance. Each weapon has pros and cons that experienced engineers should take into consideration.

Battleship modules are stored on the blockchain and are non-fungible tokens. Players have full ownership and are free to use them as they see fit. The required module can be bought from another player at the auction. Apart from that, spacecraft builders can find, win in a battle or acquire a loot box with several random modules.

Battles in 0xBattleships will be spectacular. Most engagements will happen in the form of duels, but it’s possible for as many as 10 spacecraft to participate in combat. Pilots will fly their vessels automatically, so the players need only observe the way battles unfold to figure out how they can make their ships better.

Herocraft, a game publisher with 16 years of relevant experience, is also involved in the development of this game. Their expertise has helped us to make 0xBattleships a really engaging blockchain-based experience.

We plan to run a beta test before this year is out. Feel free to join our community on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Discord, where we’ll be sharing more details about the gameplay.