This pulsating, white dwarf star, around which not a single planet orbits, did not attract any attention until a transport ship of colonists approached it, deviating from its course after a meteorite shower.

The earthlings had never seen anything like it. Structures of improbable size were orbiting the planet, taking advantage of its light, warmth, and gravity. The movement of the gigantic blades spanning the glow of Zolwyn created that blinking effect that made the planet look as though it were pulsating.

The civilization that was able to build something like this must have been spread all around the Galaxy long ago. However, when the colonists got closer, it was apparent to them that the wonder was long in need of major repair: in places there were gaping holes, there were long, divergent cracks, and so much space junk had piled up that there would have been enough for an entire solar system.

Closer study of the structure showed that it was made of materials and even whole fragments of the most varied worlds. For example, the role played by a rock massif that was torn from a planet called Platonov functioned as a lock fastening the rim together. This was obviously the work of the Litomorphs.

Thanks to Akira for sharing this story

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