In 2090, research on dark matter produced a surprising result: the development of technology that could be used to reach and exceed the speed of light. In 2100, the first starship equipped with superliminal motors set out for Alpha Centauri, which could be reached in two weeks and three days. This set off the period of the Great Cosmic Discoveries. Interstellar travel, which was once an unattainable dream, became a reality that was accessible to almost anyone.

Humankind’s expansion into space was declared the supreme goal. In order to speed up the process of populating distant solar systems, the United Earth Government decided to sell a few settled planets to private citizens. In addition, the recently adopted Astrocodex became the law of the land: every new planet would become the property of whoever discovered it in other words, the property of whatever company or individual whose starship was the first to enter the planet’s orbit.

The earthlings tried to conquer the Galaxy, explore other worlds, establish colonies, and seize their territory under thousands of new suns, but Earth, which slept peacefully under the clouds, was never far away in their memories, thoughts, and stories – just like the comforting homeland should be.

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