Unfortunately, we have to admit the leak of classified information. 0xTimes has already published this, so there is no point in hiding this information. We cannot add or comment on anything.

A secret report has got to our hands released by government analysts for internal use ‒ thanks to our senior source! It follows from the report that the Peaceful Expansion Doctrine of outer space will soon be sabotaged. Until recently, the United Earth Government has been relatively effective in constraining arms trading. Any local conflicts quickly died out due to the absence of a serious military force from either side. However, recent finds of battleship wrecks in the Edge galaxy have disturbed the delicate balance. Repaired weapon samples have been distributed to all known galaxies. Secret laboratories are emerging everywhere, creating more and more weapons based on the legacy of a long-lost civilization. The analysts summarize a disappointing conclusion ‒ Pandora’s box was opened and the global war of corporations is now a matter of time.

The analysts call money the main reason for the future conflict ‒ yes, everything is so banal. The corp heads don’t like UEG’s monopoly on the planet trading. They want their piece of the pie and will inevitably start a fight over it when they have gathered enough firepower. Most likely, the heads of corporations will begin to seize control over certain sectors of the galaxy, forcing the Government to share income from the planet market.

How will the weapons fall into the hands of explorers and why hasn’t this happened yet? The fact is that scientists have not yet fully figured out all the ins and outs of the military technologies of the lost civilization. As soon as this happens and the last ciphers are broken, each discoverer will be able to invent battleships, spending on this the accumulated knowledge and wrecks. Having received a blueprint, it will be possible to establish mass production. This will require a lot of resources, energy, and production facilities. Yes, shipyards will be required on planets of those sectors in which discoverers intend to build their combat fleet. Building a shipyard will also require resources and energy.

Each explorer will manage his own fleet. This is not an easy matter and requires serious training, so at first, their actions will not be effective. But over time, discoverers will gain experience and improve their skills, such as increasing the movement speed of the fleet, increasing the effectiveness of the battle of a certain type of ships, reducing the number of combat losses, etc.

The corp head will also be able to manage the corp’s fleet. But, since war is a matter of life and death, the head will need assistants ‒ admirals. The head will be able to hire a limited number of admirals to manage the fleet, execute attacks and defense.

The corp admiral will be able to choose any sector and begin preparing for the attack. Preparation is troublesome, it will take 24 hours and can not remain a secret, so the defending side and neutral explorers will also know about the future attack. During this time, all interested parties will be able to move forces to the target sector. Within the next hour, after the preparation is complete, the admiral must give the order to start the battle (if he does not do this, then the next attack on this sector can be initiated only after a few days). The combat interface will show the battle overview, taking into account amount/types of ships and bonuses of admirals skills. In the case of the military force lack, both the attacking and defending admirals will be able to hire fleets belonging to neutral explorers who are located in the target sector and set a price for their participation.

Thus, the corporation fleets will fight for control of the sectors, relying on a share of the income from the planet market. And independent explorers will be able to make money by renting out their battleships or simply selling the wrecks to corporations.

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