In order to play any of our games, you need a blockchain account. Such an account can be created by a wallet app (for example, MetaMask, Arkane or OxWallet). The application generates an address (public key) and a password (private key). Everyone can find out the address, but only you know the password. You must keep the password secret, because whoever knows the password has full access to your account and can, for example, steal all the cryptocurrency stored on it.

When a wallet app has generated a new account for you, you must save the password (private key) in a safe place (for example, write it down on paper).

Most wallet apps securely store the password on your device so that you can conveniently use your account and do not have to enter your password every time. The wallet stores the password only on the device and does not backup it to a cloud storage so that no one can steal it, even the developers of the wallet app.

If you lose the device (or uninstall the wallet app) that stored your password, you can restore access to your account by entering your password from a secure location. If you have not taken care of the safe storage of your password and the only copy of the password was stored on a lost device, then no one can recover it.

Therefore, it is so important that you are responsible for storing your password (private key) so that later you do not regret losing it.