There is this sizeable issue that the industry has been experiencing – inaccurate DApp statistics and cranked up metrics that result in a twisted perception of which projects are actually popular among users.

Since we last published our article, our space strategy 0xUniverse has seen a healthy increase in both DAU and transactions. The game has been among the TOP 5 Ethereum DApps, according to DappRadar, for a long while now.

However, there is this proclivity of certain projects to make things seem better than they really are by fair means or foul. So it’s been hard for our community as well as those not too well familiar with the game to get a good gauge of how 0xUniverse has actually been doing.

That said, we’re grateful to the MetaMask team for making an unbiased overview of DApp activity. There they had asked all users to allow their MetaMask extension to report basic UI metrics during a 2-month period. The data showed that the top five (or most popular) DApps on Ethereum mainnet included 0xUniverse. Not just included but ranked us first by transactions volume. If you were to compare that data with that of DappRadar, you’d see the difference.

The data MetaMask gathered relates to a wide range of games, collectibles, exchanges and dev tools. Whilst some projects were cranking up their metrics 0xUniverse had organic growth in its player base as well as saw an increase in overall activity. And now an independent source says we are on top. Do you believe we’ve deserved to be called Ethereum DApp #1?

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