We are excited to announce that our blockchain space-exploration game 0xUniverse has finally been released!

0xUniverse is a place where you can be a space explorer colonizing planets in a 3D-rendered galaxy. Every planet you see is a unique digital asset. There are four planet value types: common, rare, epic and legendary. You can build your own spacecrafts, conquer planets and interact with ancient alien races to expand your space fleet and territories as well as uncover 0xUniverse’s secrets.

We’ve been working on the game since our team came together in late 2017 in the wake of CryptoKitties’s success. And so we saw the good prospects the blockchain gaming market held and started work on 0xUniverse: from designing smart contracts and planets to weaving an engaging plot for the game.

Our team did a beta test on the Rinkeby testnet this Spring that spiked the interest of many users. We were ready for release by early June but it was postponed until June 29 because our devoted fans requested a planet presale. We agreed and launched a 3-stage campaign that ended on June 25.

All in all, players took home 223 (67%) of the 333 auctioned planets available during the presale. Their estimated total value was around 190 Ether. The largest purchase cost its owner over $8000.

We, here at 0xGames, will soon begin working on a mobile version, as we already mentioned in our roadmap. We also plan to release a new game, set in the world of 0xUniverse, later this year. You can also expect new features such as companies and planet leasing in the game later on.

The wait has been long but now it is over. We invite everyone to participate in the conquering of our blockchain galaxy. Ready your ships and join our game community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or Reddit!